INnovationtegrityitiative You're Always IN at INGROUP Welcome to INGROUP: Benefits, Wellness & Solutions
… from the inside out.

We believe every day is another opportunity to do something better. To help you help your employees. To enhance someone’s life. To show you why personal attention is always “in” at INGROUP, and to constantly reinforce your belief in what we do. And what we do is combine employee health benefits, individual & team wellness and organizational solutions with years of experience serving people and a willingness to make sure you understand how it all works. Our relationship begins with learning your goals and objectives, and grows from there. In short, INGROUP delivers benefits, wellness and solutions from the inside out.

In fact, many clients consider us an extension of their HR department based on how we assume these responsibilities. We’re grateful that, after more than 20 years in business, we can say 95% of our clients stay with us year after year. Download Professional Services Sheet PDF

  • Benefits

    You'll notice a big difference in our approach, and how we can make a big difference to your employees and staff – one that will lower your benefits costs, free up valuable HR resources for more important work, and give your employees a well-balanced benefit program.

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  • Wellness

    Healthier employees mean fewer injuries and illness-related absences, lower stress levels and fewer claims on your health insurance plan. We'll help you design, evaluate, establish and maintain an effective wellness program that's uniquely yours.

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  • Solutions

    Through consulting, coaching, education and effective communication, we help people grow and businesses flourish. Our approach? The solution isn't a person … it's values-driven principles that guide decisions and actions.

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